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Geological context of AI targets – Supplement to PR of July 21, 2020

Windfall Geotek has identified 35 gold targets using two AI models of gold mineralization (Madsen Mine and Great Bear) in the Red Lake mining camp.

Within the total of sixteen Madsen-style gold targets, nine of the targets are clustered in the area (mostly) to the southwest of the Company’s drill holes BTU-20-35, BTU-20-36 and BTU-20-37 in an area of complex geology and documented strong deformation identified in various outcrops, historic trenches and drill holes. Three of the targets occur adjacent to the common property boundary with Great Bear near the southern margin of a small granodioritic intrusion that is bisected by the common property boundary. Four of the targets are located in the east-central part of the property near the northern margin of a large granitic intrusion and near a felsic-mafic contact and near the southern margin of a conglomerate unit. Drilling in the vicinity of this intrusive contact near the most southeasterly of these target areas has shown the geology in the area to be complex and includes alteration, shearing, sericitization (including green mica), quartz veining and pyrite mineralization. Little exploration has been completed along this series of targets that extend for more than 6 kilometres (see Figure 1).

The nineteen Great Bear-style gold targets identified are clustered as follows; a large concentration of seven targets in the northwest part of the property and including two targets that abut the common boundary between Great Bear and the Company. Most of these target areas are proximal to the southeast border of a granitic intrusive and would cover a geological environment not previously a focus of the Company’s exploration team. Just to the east, and aligned northeast-southwest, three target areas are located proximal to a mafic-felsic contact. Again, further to the east is a cluster of four target areas that are located proximal to the interpreted location of a major deep-seated structure similar to the LP Fault. To the southeast of this area two target areas are located near where the Company believes a mafic-felsic contact and an unconformity exists based on the presence of a broad band of conglomerate. A cluster of three target areas is also located in the extreme eastern part of the property in an area to the north-northeast of the TNT base metal-precious metal target where there is no history of exploration (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: AI generated gold targets on BTU Metals property

Figure 1: AI generated gold targets on BTU Metals property